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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mz Cakes

Mz Cakes lives in the small town of Uptown Somewhere.  She loves it there its quiet it has lots of little charming shops to visit.  She fills her carpet bag with prim treasures from Uptown.  A key is held on the front with a prim trinket pin.  She is adorned with a prim hat to match her bag a black ribbon that goes down the back very elegantly as Mz Cakes shops. Her dress is a dark teal green cotton with tiers of black ruffles on the bottom and one down the center with buttons. She has laced sleeves, painted boots laced up with crochet thread and stands on a rusty gear stand. Mz Cakes face is painted with hand stitched features.and a head full of black hair. She stands approx 26" tall. Signed by me.  Mz Cakes is ready to go to a welcomed home to be cherished and loved.   $75 + flying accommodations.