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Monday, December 24, 2012

Certain Hope

To each of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 
As 2012 winds down the promise of a "prosperous New Year" looks uncertain at best, given the Spiritual and financial condition of our Nation.  If our hope depends on present day circumstances, we are most certainly doomed.  Thankfully, our only real hope and security, truly lies in Jesus Christ!  Isaiah, in his prophecy of the birth of Christ (Isa 9:6) anticipated that hope, as he wrote "his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Might God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace."  If these names and characteristics of Jesus don't sum up everything we will ever need in our lives, physically, emotionally and Spiritually , nothing else will!  Jesus is our certain hope and promise for the future and for eternity!
I look forward to the new year with antisapation and excitement with a new Angel Mary Elizabeth published in Prims. She will be avaliable the first of the year on my website and at the 1st Street Emporium 112 W 1st Street in La Junta, Colorado also at the Golden Eagle Gallery in Trinidad, Colorado.
Thank you for your patronage God bless you, your families, and for blessing me with your friendship,

Merry Christmas!
Char Hosea

Friday, November 9, 2012

Never Be Too Proud

Never be too proud.

To admit you made a mistake. To say you’re are sorry. To have big dreams. To admit you owe your success to others. To poke fun at yourself. To ask for help.

 To fail.

 And to try again and again.
Let all that I am Praise the Lord... Psalm
Last week I missed a article deadline due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.  I sent the article any way with the full understanding that it may not be accepted.  I simply explained the facts with no excuses and said I am willing accept the decision she made due to my failing to get it in on time.  Chief editor Jennifer at Prims was so gracious and allowed it to be accepted!  I'm so blessed and encouraged I'm jumping up and down inside.  So as a result a new Rusty Knob angel Mary Elizabeth will be in the Gallery of Prims January issue.  Whoot hoo for The Rusty Knob. 
prim blessings to all,

 Be sure to stop in and shope with us at the 1st Emporium 112 1st street next to Nappa in La Junta for our Grand Opening Thursday November 15, 10-5 lunch served from 11-2 drawing held at 4:30
Holiday Craft show at the middle school on Smithland Saturday 17 Th 8-4 see new dolls and new items for the Holidays.  40 crafters and booths to meet all you needs as you shop local this Holiday Season

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whoot hoo see Rusty Knob Elves and Punkins in Prims Fall Issue
I will have signed copies at the Fowler show on Saturday the 27th see you there

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall I love fall the smell of cool crisp air and the warm sunny afternoons. I love the colors of the season the deep reds and oranges and yellows and of coarse green is my favorite. 
Love these funky pumkins.  Our creator is amazing how he put all of the seasons together to give us change...a time of renewal.
Show time Oct 27th at 8:30_3 pm  at the  Fowler schooland Nov 1st at 1st Emporium our open house come on in and see our unique gifts . Hwy 50 just past Napa See you all there
Gods prim blessings to you today,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st Street Emporium LLC

I have a new booth spot!  It just around the corner from my olde spot closer to the front door  a better view with more lighting at 112 W 1st Street we also have a new NAME with a new LOOK.  It exciting to have new buzz around the shop.  tHaNk yOu for shoping at my booth!  Our New Shop Name is 1st Street Emporium LLC . 

We have quality handmade Quilting, Costumes, Pottery, Photography, scroll work, cowboy decor, Jewlery, Baby Items, and lots of this and that come take a look get ready for the Holidays shop local.
Have you thanked someone who provides a service for you today?  or smiled at someone just because to make their day?  Try it it will bring you joy and a smile to your heart today....
Blessings to you my friends,
Char patterns and Handmade dolls
Recycle Recycle Show 
Somewhere On San Juan 
October 13 9am-3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Black Girls

One of my Black girls is going to Ugonda.  A college student ordered a black doll to send to her sister in her home of Ugonda.  I'm so excited for the shelf sitter she picks with her round head sculpted feet, hands, lips and nose and cream vintage lace unders.  Hand stitched arms and legs, black wool yarn hair, dressed in a prim dress with a rusty bell on the bodic. Hand painted eyes give these girls the look of hope. She comes signed, sealed and with a hand written prim name tag for only $39.99 +sh. come by my booth in the shop at 1St Emporium 112 W 1st in La Junta, Colorado.
 I hope to someday travel to a far away lands to experience the world they live in with dirt floors and red soil that never comes off the soles of their feet. The extream poverty is more then we can comprehend here in America...  I hope we never come to that place.  Be thankful for the home you have and the food and clean water you have avaliable to you and be grateful for the simple things in life.
Im thankful for the beauty of life this is for all who are struggling for whatever reason right now...

If all the music died
And the music makers ceased,
I think you'd stand and sing
A hymn of hope and peace.

If nights of doubt and fear
Against the light were hurled,
I think you'd light a candle
And stand against the world.

If winds of changing times
Uprooted trees and sod,
I think instead of mocking,
You'd stand in praise of God

The beauty of your life
Is like a work of art
Inscribed by Memory's hand
Upon my grateful heart.

 I love this poem by Perry Tanksley


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


by Char Hosea

 I'm always excited to see other peoples creations it gets my juices to flow so I can come up with my own inspirations.  Here are some ideas for you to check out and see what you come up with.  Make today the best day to create something from your heart. 

This has been an amazing week for me. I have been struggling with my older sewing machine quite frankly its  just  plain  wore  out.  But I made it through a card project that I do every year for the Rocky Mountain Confrence which was the this past weekend.  The "cards" are a THANK YOU NOTE for each of the workshop leaders and organizers who volunteer their time and talents to teach all who attend more about how we can serve in our local pregnancy centers.  Each year I do something new and challenging. As I prepare for months I look at all kinds of different art forms learning something new and exciting moving from my comfort zone into something other then doll making. This year what I did was combind my artwork with that of the keynote speaker Angie Tingles artwork and made these beautiful works of art each one created with a speaker in mind and a plan to bless him or her.  Well part of the blessing was mine before I left and was craming the night before on the project when a friend brought me a new sewing machine!!!!!! how awesome is THAT!  God is so good to me I Just want to burst some times and shout it form the mountain tops... oh but I can't yell or shout verbably yet or speak God has silenced me for now, for this season and his purpose but inside I am praising my Lord for a beautiful new machine its so purdy.
Prim blessings to you today make today the best day to create,



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Early Settlers Day was a Success

Mr and Mrs Shoemaker making quite a cute couple at Early Settlers Day 2012. Here they are pictured with my new Chicken and Rooster Dolls.  The dolls are a hit this season with all who love chickens a Pattern by Sweet medows farms.  See at 112 W Street at the 1st Street Emporium or email me to order your set for the Holidays.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Lace Aprons

Many new projects since some of my UFO's (un finished objects) are done!  Im working on a few  custom doll orders.  One doll needed a vintage apron for her dress this is what I found in my stash of lace and linins.... ahhhh so sweet.  Several friends gave me large totes of their lace and I found some at estate sales.
Find something to be thankful for today... thank you Lord for my vintage lace stash heee hheee
Have a blessed prim day,

Char see Rusty Knob Dolls in Prims magazine spring issue

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Canon City Show

Had a show in Canon City this last weekend.  It was sunny and raining then sunny and raining over and over all afternoon.  We would move dolls in then out.  There were beautiful vintage cars everywhere it was awesome reminder of our younger years as a couple going to the drag races and supped up cars. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hossenfepher Rabbit Knob

Hossenfepher Rabbit Knob Doll is my steampunk challenge for Cloth Doll Artistery.  Check out the chaps... or gaiters

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mz Cakes

Mz Cakes lives in the small town of Uptown Somewhere.  She loves it there its quiet it has lots of little charming shops to visit.  She fills her carpet bag with prim treasures from Uptown.  A key is held on the front with a prim trinket pin.  She is adorned with a prim hat to match her bag a black ribbon that goes down the back very elegantly as Mz Cakes shops. Her dress is a dark teal green cotton with tiers of black ruffles on the bottom and one down the center with buttons. She has laced sleeves, painted boots laced up with crochet thread and stands on a rusty gear stand. Mz Cakes face is painted with hand stitched features.and a head full of black hair. She stands approx 26" tall. Signed by me.  Mz Cakes is ready to go to a welcomed home to be cherished and loved.   $75 + flying accommodations.