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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


by Char Hosea

 I'm always excited to see other peoples creations it gets my juices to flow so I can come up with my own inspirations.  Here are some ideas for you to check out and see what you come up with.  Make today the best day to create something from your heart. 

This has been an amazing week for me. I have been struggling with my older sewing machine quite frankly its  just  plain  wore  out.  But I made it through a card project that I do every year for the Rocky Mountain Confrence which was the this past weekend.  The "cards" are a THANK YOU NOTE for each of the workshop leaders and organizers who volunteer their time and talents to teach all who attend more about how we can serve in our local pregnancy centers.  Each year I do something new and challenging. As I prepare for months I look at all kinds of different art forms learning something new and exciting moving from my comfort zone into something other then doll making. This year what I did was combind my artwork with that of the keynote speaker Angie Tingles artwork and made these beautiful works of art each one created with a speaker in mind and a plan to bless him or her.  Well part of the blessing was mine before I left and was craming the night before on the project when a friend brought me a new sewing machine!!!!!! how awesome is THAT!  God is so good to me I Just want to burst some times and shout it form the mountain tops... oh but I can't yell or shout verbably yet or speak God has silenced me for now, for this season and his purpose but inside I am praising my Lord for a beautiful new machine its so purdy.
Prim blessings to you today make today the best day to create,



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