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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the Face of Adversity

In the Face of Adversity


 In 2007, it had been three years since my illness began leaving me unable to speak, many health issues, and days left without creating something to keep my hands busy.  As I began to prepare for a two-week stent of treatments away from home, I pondered what would be suitable to fill the hours keeping my hands busy and my body at rest.  I had had a quilt pattern book for many years that I just had not had time to create the quilts due to my busy work schedule and now this illness of mega portions with no end in sight… it was time and I began to pray for the strength to accomplish this project.  I mustered up the energy to pull the book out and began gathering cotton fabrics that I had on hand to fit the color scheme.  Trying hard to focus on one-step at a time and the finish line of having the piecing done before I was to leave in a few days I pressed on.  I found the directions simple enough for my mentally exhausted mind and body to comprehend.  I am not quilter by any means but one has to start somewhere.  I had it all pieced however, no backing or batting on hand.  When my husband asked what he could do to help me get ready I asked him to get my backing and batting.  I am grateful for his help and patience with me.  I was able to finish pinning the three together before we left for the treatments that day. 

Each day after a treatment, I hand stitch until sleep overtook me and then back at it when I was rested and ready to begin again.  This quilt encouraged me keep my focus on something other than myself and my health issues giving me a goal to accomplish, a sweet reward, and a reminder of  where we were at that time  and now how far we have come.  It is a beautiful reminder of learning endurance and accomplishment in the tough times of life.  It is an amazing reminder of all the prayers offered to my heavenly father during those years were not in vein, looking back to see how resilient we are when faced with adversity and feeling blessed to face yet another day, week and years since those early days. 
Still dealing with life as its been handed to me with a hopeful heart and courage to face everyday as a gift.  Thankful for stages of recovery looking forward to more.

Be still and know that I am God ---Psalm 46:10

A Debbie Mumm pattern

By Char Hosea

Primitive Doll Artist

La Junta
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