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Monday, September 15, 2014

Ask Me Why I Am Celebrating

Ask Me Why I Am Celebrating?

Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good



Ask me why I'm celebrating has been my question for the last six months.  God has healed me I've been given my own miracle and a second chance for which I'm grateful.
 My Dr. changed my diagnosis and my treatment plan in 2011 and since then my body is procuring a new healing process and gaining strength.  The brain is healing I am able to speak after nine and a half years (9 1/2) of silence and imprisonment with in my own body.
I"m blessed to have the loving support of my best friend and husband also the love and support of our son and his family. 
I am encouraged to have amazing friends and close friendships. I am thankful to those who have believed in me and supported me with help, kindness, rides, hugs and encouragement. 
Most importantly with out a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior I could not have risen above the current that threated to take me down so many times over the last ten years of hardship and struggle.  Through the struggle I have grown in character and understanding of who God made me.   I am celebrating change and the renewed person God has created in me. 

How are you celebrating?

A year ago we were celebrating live and today  our family celebrated the first birthday of our # 2 grandson. 
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